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Transform your experience with No Pain Numb, the ultimate solution for pain-free tattoos, permanent makeup, and tattoo removal. Our specially formulated products, including the No Pain Numb Tattoo Numbing Cream and Sustaine® Blue Gel, ensure a comfortable and painless session every time.

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Hear from Our Happy Clients

I can't thank No Pain Numb enough. My clients always leave with a smile, and it's all because of this amazing numbing cream. It's easy to apply, works quickly, and doesn't interfere with my work. It's now a staple in my studio.

Emily T.

As a tattoo artist, I've always looked for ways to make my clients more comfortable. No Pain Numb cream is a game-changer. My clients are thrilled with the pain-free sessions, and I love how it doesn't affect the quality of the tattoo.

Michael S.

Permanent makeup used to be something I dreaded because of the pain. No Pain Numb made my eyebrow procedure completely painless. I couldn't believe how easy and comfortable it was. This product is a must-have!

Jessica B.

No Pain Numb completely changed my tattoo experience. I was so nervous about the pain, but the cream worked wonders. I barely felt a thing and the tattoo turned out perfect! Highly recommend to anyone getting inked.

Sarah J.

I was skeptical at first, but No Pain Numb gel exceeded my expectations. I used it for my tattoo removal sessions, and it made the process so much more bearable. It numbs the area effectively and lasts for hours. Thank you for this incredible product

Samantha D.

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About Us

No Pain Numb Brand Story

In a world where art meets the skin, where each line tells a story and every shade brings a vision to life, pain shouldn’t be a barrier to expression. We at No Pain Numb, believe in empowering every individual to embrace their artistic journey without fear or discomfort.

No Pain Numb was born from innovation and dedication. We harnessed cutting-edge scientific research and combined it with our deep understanding of tattoo culture. The result is a numbing cream that offers superior pain relief, allowing both artists and clients to focus on what truly matters – the art.