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NoPainNumb: Your Numbing Maestro!

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Comfortable Goodbyes

Say goodbye to tattoo regret with No Pain Numb, your partner in pain-free transformations! Our specially formulated numbing cream takes the sting out of tattoo removal, making the journey to a clean canvas smoother and more comfortable.

Artistry Without Agony

Enhance your beauty without the discomfort! No Pain Numb brings you the soothing touch for pain-free permanent makeup procedures. Whether it's perfectly defined brows, luscious lips, or captivating eyeliner, experience the artistry without the sting.


A New Era
Of Comfort

No Pain, All Gain

Elevate your artistry with No Pain Numb, the ultimate secret weapon for a pain-free permanent makeup treatment or tattoo session. Imagine a world where your clients experience comfort without compromise. No Pain Numb Tattoo Numbing Cream makes it not just possible but effortlessly achievable.

Desensitising Magic

No Pain Numb uses safe and potent ingredients for an impressive desensitising effect.

Extended Comfort

Numb an area for up to 3 hours, with some users reporting even longer effectiveness.

Quality Assured

Enjoy a pain-free session without compromising the quality of your tattoo or permanent makeup

The Artist's Choice

Sustaine® Blue Gel stands as a beacon of comfort in the realm of permanent makeup, tattoos, and tattoo removal. Crafted with precision, this powerful numbing product is your ally in desensitising areas, ensuring your clients experience unparalleled comfort throughout their journey.

Pain-Free Bundles

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Fantastic Product!

I used this numbing cream on my client when completing a permanent makeup treatment, the client said that it made the whole experience much easier for her with little to no pain throughout! I will be ordering more!

Remi P.

Great Value For Money

I use numbing cream on my clients when they are enduring a full day sitting, I have experienced no issues with this numbing cream, the ink goes in well and my client is much more comfortable. Also larger tube than others are selling which is a bonus!

Paul S.

No Pain Numb - Works!

I was gifted a tube of no pain numb and tried it instead of my usual brand recently. Numbed for 3 hours+ really easy to use and no side effects. Such a great product. Highly recommended!

Freya R.